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How can I order a Bind it photo album?

There are two possibilities:

  1. Create your Bind it photo album using our Online Designer and the photo album will be automatically uploaded to our production system.
  2. Create your Bind it photo album with Photoshop, InDesign or another graphic program and upload it on our ‘For Professionals’ portal directly to our production system. Uploads must be in PDF format or in a zip file as JPGs. Please note that JPGs have to be numbered consecutively (e.g. 01, 02, 03, 04,05,06,07,08, 09, 10, 11…).

How does the Online Designer work?

In general, you need at least 13 double-sides (26 pages) to complete your photo album order. Photos should be submitted as JPGs.

Creating your photo album is so easy:

1. Introductory video

2. Professional design tips


What type of photo paper is used?

Bind it exclusively uses Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII Digital genuine photo paper with a thickness of .16mm for all of its photo albums. A Bindit book page is 0.34 mm thick including adhesive.

Will the photos be developed for the photo album exactly as they look like in the PDF preview?

In the preview, photos are shown with a lower resolution, which is why later results are not comparable.

Do the photo albums have a bar code?

We deliver all of our books without bar codes.

What color format do I have to format my Bind it photo album in?

If you use the Online Designer to create your Bind it photo album, all of the photos will automatically be converted to the correct color format (sRGB). If you use a different program to create your book, you should manually select the sRGB color space.

How big should my photos be to get the best results?

Before the photos are uploaded in the configurator, the quality of the photos will be checked to see if the chosen format is appropriate. Please only use .jpeg files. Depending on your computer’s performance and the browser you use, most of the time photos with a size up to 6MB are ideal. Optimal image quality is ensured if the photos have a resolution of 300 dpi. Photos with a resolution under 150 dpi will not be accepted by the online configurator and must be replaced by photos with a higher resolution. If you are creating your photo album using InDesign or Photoshop, we generally recommend that only images with a resolution of 300 dpi be used.

After a while, some photos suddenly do not appear anymore or just show up as white on album pages that have already been designed – what is the problem?

If you have a large number of photos, such as 500 separate pictures, the upload process can take a bit longer. Our tip is to load the photos via Dropbox when you have a large number of images or an unstable internet connection. This way you can get around problems with bigger fluctuations on the internet.

Does the presentation box have a brand on it or carry a logo?

The presentation box will be delivered without any branding on it. We can also deliver the presentation box to you with a logo on it and customized if you wish. Just contact us at: or call us directly at: +49 40 875 0 9800.

What forms of payment can I use?

Within Germany, you can either make a bank transfer and pay in advance or use PayPal. Payment by bank transfer in Austria and Switzerland is not possible at the moment.

Can I be invoiced for my order?

Payment after receiving an invoice is only possible for businesses placing large orders. For private customers, payment after receiving an invoice is not possible.

Can I have my order credited with a gift certificate / discount code after I have already placed my order?

That is unfortunately not possible.

Can I use more than one gift certificate or discount code on an individual order?

Only one gift certificate / discount code can be applied per order.

How do I redeem a gift certificate?

At the end of the ordering process, at ‘Payment Method’, you simply have to put in your code in the field ‘ Gift Certificate Code.’

What countries to you deliver to?

Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What if I want to order from Belgium, France, etc.?

Every order requires the customer to have a German, Austrian or Swiss bank account and a delivery address that is in one of these three countries.

What are the delivery charges? Are there any additional costs such as custom taxes?

21cm x 21cm, 30cm x 30cm and Piccolos:
€ 6,99 via DHL

21cm x 21cm, 30cm x 30cm and Piccolos:
€ 16,99 via DHL

Collection by the customer

Outside EU
on request

additional customs charges could be levied (see Terms & Conditions)

How long will the delivery take?

We deliver within 7-9 workdays in Germany.

What do I do if my upload is interrupted?

Uploads are not interrupted as a rule except in case where the internet connection is too slow or there is a problem with your computer. In these cases, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can check your data to ensure that no multiple payments are booked to your account or duplicate orders go in. You can contact us per email at:

You didn’t receive an order confirmation per email?

First look in your spam folder. If you can’t find an email from us there either, contact us and we can check to see if your order has been placed.

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