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Bindit is the German quality brand for premium photo albums and bookbinding products. Tradition, experience, handcraftsmanship, elegance and style. Versatile products, enchanting collections and sophisticated solutions for private customers, firms and professional photographers – Welcome to the world of Bindit!

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The heart of Bindit – Michael Bunsen

Michael Bunsen is inspired by his travel experiences throughout the world and creates products that combine traditional bookbinding craftsmanship with modern design. This can be seen in our photo album designs and throughout our entire collection of exclusive writing implements.

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Bindit is the answer to that burning question asking where can I find a high quality, personal and handcrafted photo album that fits me? If things like individuality, modern design and quality are important to you, then a premium photo album from Bindit is the way to go. With over 50 years of experience in traditional bookbinding manufacture, Bindit combines experience, technology and style to manufacture exclusive books and products. Whether you are a demanding consumer or a professional customer, our photo album design software and area for business clients will meet all your needs.